Guilty for Gucci

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is one of those posts that I most enjoy writing for you! It is all about LUXURY SHOES in the form of Gucci! I love writing about my experience because it is like my way of capturing the excitement and reliving the experience.

I’m going to apologise in advance for all the exclamation marks.

If you love these shoes and need them in your life, I believe the Sloane Street store have some available. Otherwise you can find the other colours (Taupe, Red, Black) and materials (Leather and Metallic) here. I have also found the best Gucci dupes here.

I recently got very spoiled and this was after a deal had wrong (for my partner, Ed).


So, the deal was that I needed to sort out my monthly payments for my retired horse. I have been trying to reduce/eliminate costs for about 2 years now… but if you are a horse lover you will know that with a retired horse, this is easier said than done. This cost per month is stopping us from getting a mortgage, so you can see why Ed was so keen to get me to sort it out! Ed really hates that I spend obscene amounts on my wardrobe, but in the long run, he saw this splurge as a worthy investment!

Ed decided that if it meant he had to pay a one of payment of £455 to save hundreds that I spend a month on the horse – it was worth it!

Anyway, a man of his word… I sorted out the horsey and we scheduled in a date!

It was time that I finally got my hands on the Marmont fringed pumps! You know, the ones I have been banging on about for months on social media.



That week I was getting giddy at the thought of the weekend. I checked online (in my favourites tab) and to my horror… they had vanished from the website!!!

I spent one afternoon phoning everywhere that stocked the pumps: Harrods, Selfridges, Bond Street, Westfield’s. Everywhere was sold out! Surely their flagship store on Sloane Street must have them in stock! I was on hold for what seemed like forever, eventually she returned to the phone with hope in her voice. “Yes, I have your size”, I was thrilled! I asked if she could hold them until Sunday, she said they couldn’t and the very latest she could reserve them for was Saturday. I was down to work on Saturday until 5pm and Gucci closed at 6pm! This would even be a challenge for Usain Bolt! Work to Waterloo takes 58 minutes alone!

I asked the sales assistant to hold them regardless as I know I have the most fabulous boss that understands the power of shoes! Before I hang up the phone, I wanted to check they were definitely the correct shoes. “So the pale pink suede, in a size 38 with the 105mm heel?”, it went quiet. “Oh… no, these are the lower heel”, I could hear in her voice that she was now as desperate as me to have the size 38 in the higher heel.

The lady was gone for a while, I was feeling nervous – hoping and willing them to be there. Ed was feeling excited at the prospect of getting out of buying them! “Hello?” she interrupted my trance, “I have one pair left!”

I was ecstatic, they were mine and I was sooooo happy!


I know this story will sound so crazy to people that don’t share the same love of shoes as me… I know it is, but this is what gives me that buzz and passion!

My lovely boss let me leave early to catch the train. Ed was meeting me at Waterloo, and then we were heading to Knightsbridge. The train journey was like a parallel world to the adventure that is Gucci.

I had a man come and sit next to me, who insisted on regularly picking his scabs and some adolescent boys who seemed to think I fancied them! This is after I overhear them talking about cheating on their “needy” girlfriends and being general dickheads!

I couldn’t wait to get off the train and I couldn’t wait to get those shoes on my feet!

I met my gorgeous, non-dickhead boyfriend and appreciated him more than ever. We headed to Knightsbridge and as we arrived, the heavens opened. Another reason for Ed to be so pleased about this trip!



We ran to Gucci, where Ed quickly found the nearest sofa and took the bored male position. If you follow me on snapchat, you would have seen his very happy face – I’ll insert a clip below if you missed it.

We were immediately greeted by a Gucci sales assistant and she politely scurried off to get the shoes. She was gone for a worryingly long time and returned empty handed – NOT AGAIN! This was the first time today that I saw Ed’s face light up.

After checking again she thankfully had them.

I felt like Cinderella as I slipped them onto my feet – however, I was not Cinderella, because the shoe did not fit! Normally, I have to go down half a size when buying designer shoes, so I should have gone smaller originally. I have quite narrow feet and this generally means a size 38 looks too big on foot.

I crossed my fingers as she disappeared off again. This would be so cruel if they now didn’t have them! The smile appeared on Ed’s face again at the prospect. Once again, I was thrilled to see they had a 37 ½. It was love at first sight and I’d worn an outfit that had complimented them perfectly!

The 37½ fit beautifully and after I boxed them up (which the sales assistant found very funny), I skipped over to the till.

I was happy as a pig in shit, don’t they say – just slightly more glamorous I hope! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

If you are reading this and thinking you do not have the budget for such an extravagance, then fear not. I have written a blog on my best luxury shoe finds, click here to read more.

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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  1. Colin Sales
    18th September 2016 / 7:23 pm

    I love the video…. millions of men know this feeling!

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