Festival Vibes

IMG_3805Well as summer draws to a close, we see the last of the festivals!

Bank holiday’s in August mean one thing for me… Reading Festival!

Reading festival is very special to me because it is where Ed and I first started dating 7 years ago!!! I had been pursuing him for about a year at this point and Reading was when I finally managed to catch his attention. I think this must have been down to my impeccable festival style… or perhaps the copious amount of alcohol Ed had consumed!

Reading festival has a fantastic atmosphere and it really is one of my favourite places. When I told the girls at work that I was going to a festival, they all rolled around laughing. Apparently I don’t look like a festival goer…! Well I’m not going to beat around the bush, I’m probably not! I think I love this so much because of the amazing memories I have there. After all, I only went the first time to chase Ed around like a possessed puppy!

Previous years I have always camped for the weekend, but we decided to be more civilised this year and go for the day. The Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) were headlining and there were some great acts performing!

My highlight was Two Door Cinema Club, we saw them for their first Reading festival and nobody really knew who they were. Now they were the final act on the Alternative stage, fighting against the RHCP! I felt sorry for them originally because they were against the headliner and the Chillies were MASSIVE. Controversial, I know, but we left the RHCP early to go and see them, reminisce to seven years ago. We hadn’t managed to get a good spot at the RHCP anyway and we couldn’t see a thing, so we thought – why not!

I am so glad we went to see Two Door Cinema Club, we were also pleased to see the massive crowd they had got! We danced (and badly sang) the night away and had the best evening!



Headband – Anthropologie // Top – River Island // Shorts – ASOS // Sandals – River Island // Backpack – Longchamp // Shirt – Musto

Now, we are in the UK so although it is summer, we never quite know how to dress for the weather. We can go down the welly and mac route, or if you are super lucky like we were… sandals and shorts!

My Hunters were on standby, but thankfully the weather was kind to us. I had been planning my outfit for ages but on the day I’m not sure how happy I was with it overall. My predicament was that I couldn’t decide between the top in white or coral. I was worried the white could look filthy within seconds of entering the festival and so I opted for the coral. The coral was slightly harder to go with things and when there was the potential of rain I tied a checked shirt in with the look. This shirt was red and therefore, clashed slightly… but I just went with it.

I only have a few pictures from the event as we were too busy having fun! They were also all taken on my iPhone, so I’m sorry about the quality not being quite as good.

Pom Pom sandals, checked shirts and shorts were my festival go-to this year. I had so many people ask about the sandals and they were a steal!


My top tip is to always layer up (unless it’s boiling). The weather really is unpredictable and even when it’s freezing, once you get in the crowd, you soon heat up.

If you can pre-drink, do. If you are camping then this is perfect. You can spend half the day at the campsite and then you are normally merry upon arrival. Drink and food at festivals are extortionate!

Forget the hair and make-up, once you get to the festival and embrace it. Sure go dolled up if you like, but once you’re there just let go and have fun. Normally everyone has been camping since Wednesday anyway. Also everyone is so wrapped up in the atmosphere, they don’t care what you look like.

On the topic of hair and make-up, if you like to make an effort prior, do some research. Festivals are a great excuse to do something different, so go crazy! Shout out to glitter!

Get the app – Reading have an app, which allows you to see who is where, when. We selected our favourites and then got notified when they were about to start. It is easy to get wrapped up in the festival vibes, you forget the time and then before you know it, you’ve missed someone you really wanted to see.

You have probably heard the rumours about the loo’s, they are all true! Take some loo roll/tissue, a funnel is also helpful for us ladies, that way you can avoid the queues… and the smells!

HAND SANITIZER… that is all!

I hope you found this helpful if you are planning to hit the festival scene!

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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