What’s there to Wine about?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFour of us took the day off work on a rainy Friday, to celebrate a friends birthday. The original plan was to head to Brighton, but it was so miserable we headed London bound.

The birthday girl won’t mind me saying that she incredibly indecisive and because of the last minute change of plan, we weren’t sure where to go.

When we were on the train we discussed options. I put it to my Facebook family and you guys had some great suggestions! (Obviously, I couldn’t try all your suggestions, due to not having enough hours in the day. I have noted them all down though – for future reference). While we waited for your ideas, we decided on a coin game. This meant tossing a coin to decide our fate. This did not work well, we ended up in St. James’ Park and there was nothing restaurant-wise that tickled our fancy.

Birthday girl Lauren loves Wahaca and I had never been before, so we headed to Covent Garden to feed our grumbling bellies.



Wahaca is a Mexican food chain and it is seriously good! How I haven’t been here before, I do not know. Value for money is excellent and we all left with full tummies!

To start we ordered some Quesadillas and then I went for one of my favourites… Slow-cooked pork burrito!! At Only £7.25, you can’t go wrong (well unless you’re vegetarian) and then I upgraded it for an extra £2. An upgrade includes baja cheese, a side of fresh guacamole & warm tortilla chips laden with salsas & grilled cheese – DEEE-LISH!


As we were celebrating, we also went for some of their cocktails. I fell in love with their Wahaca Pina-Colada!

Wahaca has a cooky interior, which I loved. With plants on the wall, cool lighting and doodled walls. You could pay for your food bill via the app, the specials were on post-it notes and everything about it was just super modern with an edgy London vibe!



Philip-Lobban-7374This was the winner when it came to your recommendations, and after trying a few other bars, we landed in Gordon’s Wine Bar. This is located in Embankment and it is London’s oldest wine bar, EST in 1890.

Keep a look out for it because it isn’t obvious from the outside. From the tube it was a short walk and located on the right hand side. You walk down some steps and we were greeted by masses of people enjoying that Friday evening feeling.

It was packed! We headed inside, again you go down some steps and you are underground! It is slightly eery but oh so romantic!

The gents headed to the bar for wine, us ladies found a table after lingering around an empty bottled table! Now for the best part… The cheese bar!

I was straight over there, £10.50 for a 2 cheeses or your choice, unlimited pickles, onions and sauces and some good old french stick!

We were all still fairly full from our late lunch at Wahaca’s, but we definitely had space to share the selection I had picked out!

I didn’t take any pictures because it was so dark down there, well I did take one of the cheese board but I apologise for the poor quality! As you can see, we couldn’t wait for the photo, sorry about that!


This place had a fantastic Friday night buzz and there was a constant flow of people coming in and out. I am so grateful for the recommendations and I now want to share that with the rest of you. Excellent place for a date and a great London hot spot to put on your London destination bucket list!


I would love to hear what you think about the new category “London Locations”, do you find these blogs helpful or informative? Or perhaps you just prefer the fashion? Please do let me know either way – I love hearing your feedback!

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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