Fashion in Fethiye, Turkey

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I write my travel blogs, I like to write them in a diary form. I’ve decided not to do that for this one because it would be pretty boring. Most days in Turkey were spent by the pool or beach and it was just complete relaxation!

I wrote a travel blog on my stay at Oyster Residences and one of the trips we went on while away, so anything worth knowing will all be here.

This blog is purely based on my travelling style. I am so gutted because I was feeling really anxious when I packed and I forgot to pack all my new pieces!!! I was so annoyed at myself.

I suffer with travel anxiety, sometimes it’s way better than other times. You would think I would have it under control after all the travelling I’ve done recently! The anxiety comes from a fear of getting sick abroad, and I was on antibiotics when we were away, so my anxiety was pretty bad the day before we travelled.

Anyway, on to happier times… Here are my favourite fashion looks for the holiday:

Fashion Heroes


Dress – Zara

I’m sure you’ve seen me in this dress before, it’s my holy grail of summer dresses. I have this in two different colours and I LOVE it. It means going braless is a must and it is so light and flowing!


Dress- Missguided

This dress fits like a glove. Ed has to help me in and out of it! It isn’t kind to you if you are having a fat day. I didn’t feel my best in this dress and it has definitely looked better on me (time to get back to the gym). However, with the right pose… I think I just about got away with it… Just!


Bikini – Topshop // Shorts – H&M // Flip Flops – Gandy’s

These shorts are new from H&M but I can’t find them online, so if you love them then perhaps try in stores? They did this print a loads of different items, perfect for holidays! These flip flops were Gandy’s X Liberty of London and the print is gorgeous. I have worn them to death and they have definitely served the test of time. Ed’s Haviana’s were constantly coming away from the sole…!


Dress – REISS

I have a blog post that is dedicated to this dress. It is so beautiful and REISS have got the style and fit spot on! If you want to see more pictures or details on this dress then just click here


Sundress – Free People

This is a definite head turner and I am obsessed with it. Free People do some really great, high quality items and I recommend you giving them a visit if you haven’t already. Whenever I wear this, I get stopped to ask where it’s from AND you will never see someone in the same outfit as you!

Holiday Pieces

So they were some of my favourite travel pieces in Turkey. I thought I would link the items that didn’t make it into my suitcase (due to my frantic pack)

ASOS Culottes

ASOS Shorts

Anthropologie Headband

Steve Madden Heels

Accessorize Swimsuit

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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