A Bavarian Break, Germany

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPops and I took a trip to Germany to visit my auntie Jo and her family, who have moved here with work. They have been living in Germany for the last six months. This is the first time we have managed to get out here to see their new home and I couldn’t wait.

It was my nephew Isaac’s 4th Birthday too, so this means lots of celebrations.


Friday consisted mainly of travelling and although the flight was only 1hr 15mins, we were flying from Stanstead. Stanstead is a little further for us and an airport that I have never visited before. Our flight was at 2pm and we left the house at 10:45am to ensure we made it with plenty of time. The flight was very slightly delayed and then because of the time difference, we landed in Germany at 5pm.

We were greeted at the airport instantly by a very excited Isaac! He definitely spotted me before I saw him and before I knew it he was running full pelt towards us! What a welcome, hey?

We went from the airport to dinner, we went to Jo and Vicki’s local Friday night stop. It is  called Pizza Bar and it is in Erlangen, which is about a 15 minute drive from Nuremberg airport. The price there is really reasonable and they do all the classics. Pizza, pasta, salads AND one of the best rotisserie chickens that I have ever tasted. It has a big fish tank that kept Isaac entertained while we had a catch up and awaited the feast.

We came back for a tour of their new home and then once Isaac had gone to bed, we played a few board games and then headed for bed!


Isaac’s turns four!!!

This was all very exciting and I had my morning wake up call from Isaac at 7:15am, after kindly letting me catch a little more Z’s I joined for a present opening extravaganza.


After breakfast we headed into Erlangen town centre. We had a stroll around the shop and I of course indulged in some Lindt chocolate – heavenly!

We came across another “beach” in the middle of town, similar to the one we came across in Vienna. This was a sand filled area with deck chairs and markets all around and with the sun shining, it was the perfect place to stop.


Top – Boohoo // Trousers – Jaeger // Sandals – Palmaira // Sunglasses – Ray-Ban


After having a moment to chill out with our giant steins, we headed to another of Jo and Vicki’s regular spots for brunch. This is called Mireo and it is just off one of the side roads, close to the sand pit.


I opted for a Mediterranean breakfast, while everyone else went for the bacon and eggs! Oh, and Isaac went all out with American pancakes!!! Everything was Fantastisch and really reasonable.


After brunch, we went for a walk around Schlossgarten. This is a really beautiful garden, full of colourful flowers and a large fountain. They hold an annual party there and everyone who is anyone in Germany attends. I can imagine it to be magical on such an occasion because it was truly stunning!



We came back to the house for a rest and quick disney movie. Then we headed off for a walk through Atzelsberg, which as you can see is so picturesque.


It was covered in crops and because the sun was shining, it made everything glisten. Isaac decided to take his bike, but then didn’t want to ride his bike. This meant that we really got to take in every scenic detail, because a four year old on a walk is not the quickest.

After our long walk it was time to go back for dinner and a few rounds of Canasta. For dinner we had Erlangen sausages, which were really good and homemade burgers! If you haven’t ever heard of Canasta, it is a card game and you must look it up – it’s my favourite. It involves four people in teams of two, lots of brain power and plenty of time… but it was well worth it!

Love Life,

Emma xxx



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  1. Colin Sales
    18th July 2016 / 9:25 am

    A truly wonderful weekend Emz. I loved every minute of it…. accept coming back through passport control at Stanstead – but more than worth it!

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