Holiday Essentials for a Weekend break

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have experienced a very privileged year of travelling this year. I don’t think I will ever have another year like it. I think that because of this I have become a little more travel savvy! I am lucky enough to have experienced long-haul breaks and mini breaks, so I thought I would share some of my essentials with you.

Just want to quickly apologise for the lack of photo’s on this blog, I am packing tonight and I will have updated by Friday ūüôā

I’m heading away to Germany this week to visit family, so it inspired me to blog while I pack, therefore I¬†want to share with you my tips for packing light (for me).

Weekend Away

Recently I have learnt the art of packing light. I have never been very good at this and when I went to Paris¬†for a weekend break, I struggled! I always pack extra’s for that just in case moment and I love variety. When I went to Paris for a weekend I took my large Longchamp¬†bag. After carrying it around with me after we checked out of the hotel, I soon realised why Ed (my partner) had moaned about me needing to pack light. I also realised on this trip that sensible footwear is a must!

Learning from my mistakes I took a wheelie cabin size travel case from Samsonite on my recent trips to Spain and Vienna. I love this case so much and it was light and wheelie easy to tour Vienna after check-out! This case is just perfect for fitting in a weekends worth of outfits in.

I’m the type of girl that packs a bikini for each day, so this fitting a weekends worth into cabin luggage was going to be a struggle for my Longchamp bag. My Samsonite made this process a lot easier though.

What I pack

I generally take an outfit per day, but take something that will transform easily from day to night. For example, some jeans and a nice top that I can add heels and a blazer to, to transform it into suitable evening attire. I pack day and night shoes and I only take a small clutch away with me. I don’t want to be lugging around a handbag when I’m sightseeing, so I have this beauty in a variety of colours that can hold my phone, money, cards, lip balm, pen and apparently a whole load of receipts.


Clutches – Heels Boutique in Sunningdale (available in lots of different colours)

I tend to take one bra and that’s the one I travel in, so I make sure it is a bra that will suit all outfits – God forbid a black bra, white shirt combo! I take a bikini if needed, but just one!!! My make-up bag gets subsidised drastically, it obviously needs to be cabin luggage friendly too. This means that anything over 100ml needs to go. I have my little sandwich bag, which all my liquids sit separately. I put this in the front section of my case with my passport and clutch bag, just so that it is easy access when going through security.

In my make-up bag I take just my essentials. I also take an eye shadow palette so I have variety and two or three lip colours so I can change my look easily.


Jo Malone Body Cream in travel size

(you can’t buy these but you usually get given them when you attend an event with them, you can be asked to be added to the mailing system, then you will receive invites)

Jo Malone Perfume

Clarins Moisturiser

Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturiser


Clarins Eye Makeup Remover

Conditioner (hotels always have shampoo & soap)

Make-up bag

CHANEL Mascara

Zoeva Palette

NARS Laguna Bronzer

MAC Lip Liner / Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner

MAC Lipstick / Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner

Makeup brush bag

Foundation Brush

Blush Brush

Eyeliner Brush

Eye Shadow Brushes

Toiletries Bag

Manual Toothbrush




Hair clips / Ties

Baby Wipes

Cotton Wool

Just simply cutting down my makeup and toiletries bag makes such a difference in weight. Make sure you are realistic, ask yourself “will I use this, do I really need it”.

If I’m doing a weekend away then I don’t tend to take my laptop, but when I went to Spain, I knew I wouldn’t be travelling around with my case, to I took it along so that I could blog while away!

My Olympus camera comes everywhere with me, but I have this in a separate shoulder bag that is perfect for travelling.

Top Tips
  • Wear the shoes that you are planning to wear for the weekend to the airport, that way you only need to pack heels for the evening (if needed)
  • Be realistic when you are cutting down your makeup kit and toiletries
  • Pack outfits that can be transformed easily by making small changes – Topshop¬†Jamie Jeans are always great for this
  • Take a clutch instead of a handbag. If you need to take a handbag then a cross body or a rucksack are your best bet
  • Take two or three lip shades to make your makeup appear different throughout the duration of the trip
  • Pack sensible shoes!!! This applies if you are going to be a tourist for a weekend, I also pack competed – Just in case
  • Download apps that could help when travelling. This prevents taking books or maps and makes travelling generally easier
  • Unless you have special hair care, only pack conditioner. Your hotel is sure to have shampoo and soap
  • Forget PJ’s, it’s a weekend away after all ūüėČ
  • Pack/wear a bra that will suit all outfits, I know it is only a small bra but every little helps
  • Roll your clothes. Not only does this make more space but it also prevents creasing if done right.
  • Don’t take a beauty blender, opt for a brush instead. Due to the dampness of a sponge, they do not travel well
  • Get holiday ready before you pack!

Getting Holiday Ready

This is mainly aimed at my lady followers but if you love a bit of a pamper and your a gent, then feel free to join in in the preparations!

I love to get myself ready for my trip away. I find this is especially important when you are having to pack light. Preparation is key and can make the¬†difference when packing. I normally gel my finger and toes nails the day¬†before I go away, this means I don’t need to worry about packing anything for my nails (polish, files) because I know they will last.

If I’m going away for a short weekend I usually fake tan, just one coat, to give me that sun kissed glow. I never tan on weekend breaks, my skin needs a good week to get the melanin pumping. By tanning before, my skin looks refreshed and glowing and I ¬†think it adds to holiday outfits if you have a bit of colour – especially if you are as pale as me!

Take some time to take care of your feet, these are going to be doing a lot of work and making sure you toenails are short can make walking more bearable. If you are wearing open shoes, it is also nice to have well pedicured tootsies. I’m not saying that you need to go and pay for a pedicure (however I am available *wink wink*). But I think you should give them a bit of a pamper. A scrub and moisturise makes all the difference.

I like to have my brows done just before a trip. I get HD Brows, this is a tint and shape and it means I don’t have to worry about them. I don’t need to pack brow make-up because they are well defined and they look so much better for those holiday snaps! Similarly, I like to get my hair cut. This way, if I run out of time and have to dash out without doing anything to it, it still looks neat and tidy – well more so than normal!

Don’t forget the shaving ladies! There is nothing worse than forgetting and if we do it the night before we fly, then we won’t need to pack any type of hair removal kits! We can’t put razors in hand luggage, so if you forget this crucial step you may be heading out to the local pharmacy!

That’s it – you are ready! Now don’t forget you chargers, adapters, passport, wallet, phone and I will see you in my next trip – GERMANY!

Auf Wiedersehen

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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