Summer Lovin’ Wish List


It is the start of a new month and you know what that means… I will soon have no money left due to my ever building wish list!

Summer is well and truly on my mind and so I thought I would put together my top summer wish list for you… Credit cards at the ready? Lets go!

First up is the summer clothes, a time to expose ourselves a little more and show off some skin… fingers crossed it will be tanned skin, but we do live in Britain so who knows. My wardrobe in the A/W mainly consists of blacks and grey so I like to use S/S for experiment with some colour. I also like to shop for a specific destination, so if I have a holiday booked I will look at the style and colours there and plan outfits accordingly – is that sad?

  1. My ultimate summer dress, this is a gorgeous piece by designer Ann Taylor and I need it right now please. The colour is stunning and I think on holiday with a tan it would just look superb!
  2. While we are on the orange topic of Ann Taylor, I also love this easy to wear orange blouse, again it would be perfect for your S/S wardrobe and I would pair this with my black or white midi-skirt or my white flared trousers from REISS. If you aren’t the biggest orange lover then it also comes in other colours.
  3. Ever wanted to take it back to those vintage days and keep it looking fresh? I love this bandana/neckerchief/headscarf, perfect for holiday to keep your hair off you face but still look chic… and it is a complete bargain!
  4. I am a little strange when it comes to packing for holidays and I like to take something for every type of occasion and I like to pack a new swimsuit/bikini for each day… it is safe to say that I don’t pack light. I even packed two bikini’s for my wet weekend in Spain… and not the chlorinated kind! If you are like me and like a different look for each pool day then this multi-way swimsuit is just the answer! I got so many compliments when I jumped on the fashion bandwagon and started wearing swimsuits as appose to bikini’s (come to think of it, I’m not sure that’s a good thing?!). I think everyone should pack at least one and take the plunge! Your skin will love you for it ­čÖé
  5. I love these playful culottes, you know I’m a culotte fan anyway so these just make my summer look! Pretty, chic, playful and great value for money.
  6. Let’s all get exotic and try this new chain belt, this would look fab paired with some denim shorts and a maxi-skirt, if you purchase this you must send me pictures of how you style it out!
  7. I am so in love with this next piece! It is a gorgeous long flowing cami. It could be dressed up or down and although I don’t think I would have the guts to wear this in the evening I would definitely add it to my pool time essentials – YES PLEASE!
  8. Tassels are in and I am on the hunt for the perfect pair that don’t cost me the Aquazurra price tag. I have completely fallen for these Steve Madden dupes but they have sold out everywhere in the colour I want! So while I keep checking the internet every week, if you see some that are similar then please share!
  9. These H&M shorts are super cute and inexpensive, perfect for a holiday get away! To either throw on around the pool or dress up for the evening.
  10. Clutches are the ultimate holiday essential. You don’t want to be carrying around a handbag, you just need something simple to hold your money and phone. I have already purchased my holiday clutches from Heels Boutique in Sunningdale, they come in lots of different colour but are selling out fast. Give us a call or pop in to reserve yours! If Sunningdale is too far for you then I have found this gorgeous holiday clutch from Zara.

Now for our summer make-up bag. This time of year is all about the glow, the tan and the colour, so I have found for you my top picks, most of them I have trialled and absolutely recommend and others I am yet to try but I have heard great things about.

  1. Just in and you need to absolutely put this at the top of your wish list! Anastasia BH have just dropped their new eyeshadow palette┬áModern Renaissance and it looks totally dreamy! I can’t currently find it for sale on UK sites, so you can wait or if you can’t wait you can order from the US and pay the shipping, which works out around ┬ú15 extra.
  2. Hourglass is my absolute favourite for highlighting. I have recommended this product to so many people and I haven’t heard anything negative about it, the packaging is also stunning and look fab on the dressing table.
  3. I don’t know how I have only just discovered Kevin Aucoin but I am glad I did. I want to share this with you because if you are in the dark like I was, you need to try these products! I love everything so far, let me know if you┬áhave found any flaws! It is so hard to tell you one thing to add from his collection, but keeping in the summer feel I will recommend this product. I also used the lip liner on a bride recently and it glides on beautifully and has great pigment.
  4. I am attending a NARS event tonight, so hopefully I would have published a post on this by the time you read this. I will link it here. You should now know what I am loving but if I had to pick one product from their fabulous collection that I have been adoring for years, then it had to be their Laguna Bronzer. It is so great to give your skin that pick me up and it is the only bronzer I use! It is so great for a build able look, my skin is fair and it doesn’t ever look too much, but once I have a tan it can be built up to look really flattering with my darken skin tone. It adds that bit of warmth to the skin and is my go-to make-up product.
  5. Body Oil is also a must for your summer skin. Keeps it hydrated and looks great. I love a product that is both good for you and looks fabulous! I have tried a few but am yet to commit to one because I just can’t decide which I love most but I have narrowed it down for you: NARS, Tom Ford┬á(smells dreamy), Bobbi Brown, Clarins┬á(I used to steal mum’s and have always had a soft spot for┬áthis product).
  6. We need a good summer colour for our nails and pastel is firmly in place for fashion colours at the moment, I do also love a coral for holidays. My favourite brands are Jessica, OPI and Nails Inc. This colour is my favourite holiday colour and my favourite colour for British summertime is this one, this product is another one that not only looks beautiful but does good with their new antioxidant Kale formula.
  7. Going on holiday and need a good all-in-one to save space? NARS multiple is just the ticket! I have this and use it religiously. Fantastic for eyes, lips, cheeks and body, just make sure you pick a shade that you would use on all these areas. I love it and I’m almost 100% that you will too! It is fool-proof and super easy to use anywhere.
  8. Lets get our summer luscious lips on with my go-to summer shade. Lipstick is certainly my vice and I have tried HUNDREDS! But my absolute favourite has to be from MAC┬á(and when I wear it on holiday, everyone instantly comments on how tanned I look), closely followed by a new natural shade that I have just discovered by Delilah, it is called honesty and I adore it and it’s creamy velvet feeling on the lips.
  9. Not make-up as such for the last two but one is a fragrance and one is a hair product. My summer scent flits between three. An old school one that I have literally been wearing since school and many will say reminds them of me is this Escada scent┬á(currently on sale). It is so fruity and fresh and it is my partners’ favourite. The other scent I love to wear in the summer is Lime Basil and Madarin by Jo Malone or for an evening scent I love Diptique, if I wear this in the boutique, people always comment on how wonderful the shop smells!
  10. My final summer essential is for your hair and I love it! It is the Bumble & Bumble surf spray and I’m pretty sure you would have all heard of it! It gives you those beach waves without the need of the sea, and lets face it, if you are staying in the UK this summer, you will not be venturing near the sea!

I hope that has kept your purse busy and you wish list full, let me know if you purchase anything and what you think of it, I love hearing other peoples views of my faves!

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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