The rain in Spain is most definitely not only on the plane, Spain

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs you can tell from the blog title, unfortunately for us, the rain decided to hang around for the remainder of our long weekend away… While the UK decided to have a heatwave, what are the chances of that happening?!?!

I woke up fairly early but heard the rain on the terrace and decided to curl back up for  another hour. We had a leisurely morning, this mainly consisted of lounging and eating. We had another lovely breakfast and mum and dad pottered around the house doing jobs. I cracked on with my first blog from Spain, which you can find here. Ed very kindly edited some of the photo’s for the blog and the morning seemed to fly by.

I also want to point out that we weren’t just being lazy, shops in Spain are mainly closed on Sunday’s and the sights would have been poor due to the dark sky and persistent rain.

Dad went out to pick up some lunch and cards and we spent the afternoon indulging in baked camembert and playing Uno on the terrace (I was under the heater and wrapped in a blanket but I was determined to be outside).


We actually had such a good day and laughed so much. It was nice, in a weird way, to be cooped up all day and just enjoy each others company and catch up. As we started to think about where to go for dinner the sun paid us a long awaited visit.

San Pedro

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACulottes – River Island (also come in black) // Body – Camilla & Marc (last season) // Shoes – Brian Atwood (a couple of years old, but my go-to shoe)

We dashed to get out in the sun and I couldn’t wait – once again, to dress up my new purchase. I love these culottes and they are great value for money, I’ve had my eye on them for a couple of months but wasn’t sure how they would fit – luckily I love how they fit and I love the belt that comes with them. We decided to go to a Tapas restaurant that is known for its cheesecake. The restaurant was in San Pedro and it was called La Bodega Del Cantinero.


We decided that as it was Tapas, we would go for a big selection of dishes and share. Can you guess what we ordered first? Pil pil prawns of course! Once again, these were slightly different from the previous and probably my least favourite, however still very tasty and it didn’t stop me tucking in to an amount that probably equated to a loaf of bread. We then went for the tuna steak to share, mini burgers and the sheep cheese board. The mini-burgers were so tasty and came in different colours! The steak was also so good and I would definitely recommend it. It comes quite blue, so ask for it to be cooked well if you don’t like that.


Mid-meal we were serenaded by the staff in a little sing-song, it was brilliant and changed the whole atmosphere of the place. Very Spanish and very uplifting and another great evening. After scoffing our faces all our hand dancing meant that we had created a little space for this raved about cheesecake.


They brought over the cheesecake with a few extra things in hand, I was fascinated. They first covered the cheesecake in a fruit sauce, then they poured alcohol into a big ladle and then set it on fire, pouring the flames over the dessert! I have to say that it tasted as good as it sounds and everyone was ordering them! I would say one to share would be ideal because they are big slices.


We headed back and caught up on some UK talk show TV and checked the weather for our final day in Spain – guess what… MORE RAIN!

I was determined to shop on the lavish Puerto Banus streets, so come rain or shine that was what I was going to do!

Puerto Banus


We headed off to Puerto Banus at about 10:30am as most shops open later than in the UK. They are so relaxed there and most shops were still not open when we arrived. If you are a regular reader of the blog then you will know that I am a big Wolford fan, but where the weather was so miserable it decided that it just wasn’t going to open (not in the time we were there anyway)! Imagine us doing that in the UK, we would constantly have time off. I dragged my poor boyfriend into Cartier to try on rings, if you read my Paris blog you will know that this seems to be a weekend away “thing” of mine. Tiffany & Co and Cartier and my two favourites and I would love my engagement ring to be from on of them – not high maintenance or anything am I? No pressure Ed! That is just the price you have to pay when making me wait over 7 years – literally.

After Ed getting sweaty in Cartier we headed to ice cream, as you do in the rain, but I didn’t care about the weather I was on holiday and I wanted mint choc chip!


After wandering around the lavish streets, passing all my favourite luxury stores including: Tom Ford, Hermes, Versace, Gucci and Carolina Herrera on one side and the luxury yachts on the other, we finally reached MAJE. I am absolutely obsessed with this brand and again, if you caught my previous Spanish blog you will know this and my reasons. I didn’t know there was one in Puerto Banus but now I do I won’t be buying it in the UK anymore. This is for two reasons and if you follow me on Snapchat (emmasales), you will have seen my rant!

No. 1 – Maje is much cheaper in Spain because the euro is quite good at the moment and the price is also even less in € than £ if that makes sense, for example my skirt cost me £190 in Selfridges, it is €180 in Spain. So even cheaper before you convert the currency! The skirt is now £130 in the sale so don’t even get me started on that… but great for you guys!

No.2 – The staff in there are spot on! They know there stuff, they are very welcoming and offered advice as well as refreshments! I picked up two pieces that I instantly fell in love with but I could honestly buy the whole store, I love the style of each piece.

Each piece that I picked up, the sales assistant would give me a little background on it, which I loved. I wasn’t going try them on because I simply couldn’t afford to spend any more money. I am always poor after the first week of the month and once again I had gone over-board and was on my limit.

When dad and I go shopping together we are terrible influences on each other, this is normally not the case for others I know, but I love shopping and so does my dad (I think he loves to see how happy and excited I get at the prospect of a new purchase)! He insisted that I should just try them on to see what the fit was like, Ed was by this point sitting on the arm chair in the store, so not interested – but he did agree that the shop sold some amazing pieces. The staff member whizzed me into the changing rooms and after giving me a cloth for my face (so that no make-up went on the clothing) she insisted on helping me… and good job really because it is very hard to change with a cloth over your head. This lady could not have done enough for me, she was strapping me into the shoes, lacing me up and squeezing me in. The two pieces that I had tried were this dress and this jumpsuit. I love them both but they were completely different. The jumpsuit was great for a casual summer day, it had beautiful lacing up the back and made your arse look great! You couldn’t wear a bra though, but that’s my favourite type of outfit. The dress was stunning on and enhanced your figure in all the right places. It was definitely an evening dress and my favourite thing about it was the interesting shoulder details. Ed loved the jumpsuit and mum and dad loved the dress. I couldn’t afford either but both dad and Ed had agreed to loan me the money – how lovely are they.

I couldn’t decide what to do but I knew the dress was sold out in the UK and I knew that I loved the dress slightly more but knew I would get more wears out of the jumpsuit. Decisions, decisions… We decided to go for coffee and think about it. I thought about it from the blogs perspective, what would you guys most like to see? My REISS dress that I recently blogged about went down very well but it was very similar… I discussed with Ed and went completely left wing. I had seen something hanging on the wall that Ed instantly noticed. I wasn’t sure it was me as it was more day-to-day and casual and when I buy more luxury items I tend to go dressy – don’t know why because I would get much more use out of casual! This was their best-seller and it was pretty cool… was I cool enough? Well we will soon see because I bought it (well dad did) and since buying it I have thought of so many ways of wearing it and I can’t wait to show you guys! You will find it on the next weeks blog 🙂


Jeans – Isabel Marant (old) // Shirt – Urban Outfitters // Jumper – Betty & Claude // Sandals – Palmaira // Bag – Versus Versace

After feeling very satisfied with my find, we headed back to the villa to get ready to the airport. We passed All in 1 Cafe and decided to stop for some lunch before packing. I would describe the menu like Fego’s and they have live sport in there, perfect for the men when you have just exhausted them with your shopping abilities.

We had such a nice trip and a long weekend was just not long enough, I wanted to stay! I’m pleased to say that the flight back was much more civilised and we even got extra leg room at no extra fee! We landed back in England to more rain, yes, the heatwave was over and it was back to reality with a bang!

Oh well, only a month until we are off to Vienna!

Love Life,

Emma xxx


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  1. 23rd May 2016 / 1:52 am

    Okay, i’m in love again with the classic chic elegance of your outfit here… always sparks my attention when classics are used! Total chic and there isn’t another outfit that could compliment such a gorgeous backdrop as well as this one does – in fact, it outshines the backdrop! Classy Lady

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