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I’ve been so excited to bring you this blog!
As an early Christmas present, my boyfriend decided to treat me to a trip to Paris! I have been to Paris before, but once was with the school and the other time was to visit Disneyland Paris, so this was exciting because I could make plans and do whatever I wanted!
My partner and I made lots of plans and I enjoyed shopping for books with the best hot spots for “Gay Parieee”! I found a great book in the Anthropology sale called ‘Paris Style Guide’ it also doubles up as a great coffee table book!

Our day started bright and early, actually dark and early- with a 5.30am wake up call for a 7am train to Paris. The Eurostar was fabulous and with the hour difference, we arrived in Paris for 10:15am.
I had planned on sorting myself out on the train, doing my hair and make-up ready to take blogging pictures to bring to you, however, none of this happened as I spent most of the time sleeping! My partner Ed, had a bad headache during the journey and spent most of the time by the toilet, so when we arrived we both looked terrible! This was not the ideal start but once we got some fresh Parisian air, a Nutella crepe (and Ed some paracetamol), we were feeling much more rejuvenated.

Ed had told me to pack light as we had a lot to cram into our weekend and we wouldn’t get chance to go to the hotel until much later, meaning I would have to carry my bags around Paris. Now this for me was a real challenge as you will probably understand if you know me. I had to minimise my make-up and skin care and pack an outfit that could easily be transformed from day to night (this I was quite excited for, cutting down make-up, not so much).
I used my good old trusty Longchamp bag, which fitted into Paris beautifully. I also packed a pair of heels (Louboutin, of course), a top and a skirt, that was it- and it was still really, bloody heavy! I think my make up was the problem!

We jumped on the Metro and ventured straight to Champs Elysees to start shopping. We wanted to go to the Christmas markets first to get some Christmas shopping done. Ed’s family in particular, love gifts like these. While the Christmas markets weren’t quite what we were expecting, we did find a few good buys. We bought Ed’s mum a vogue magazine that was from the year she was born, we got our grandparents some lovely chocolates and biscuits and we bought Ed’s brothers some very smelly cheese, which has a funny story to go with it (I’ll explain in the next blog).


We went for two days and so I’m going to break this blog up into two parts as I have already rambled on for too long and we’ve only just arrived!

After we hit the Christmas markets we wandered down the very well lined up streets and ended up at the Arc de Triomphe. We were so lucky that it was such a lovely day and we saw it lit up in sunshine with blue skies all around.

After this, I somehow managed to persuade Ed to check in at the hotel so that I could unload my bag and I could make myself look half decent.
We checked into the Waldorf Trocadero, which was really local to the shops and the Eiffel Tower. We were greeted by a really friendly lady who spoke English excellently, she put us to shame! We got told we had been upgraded and we ventured up to the top floor. Our bedroom was nice, it had everything that we needed and the bathroom was really nice! We had a balcony that overlooked some fabulous cafés to which I immediately FaceTimed my family to show them the views.
Ed was shattered by this point from the early start and the headache so while I got myself ready, I turned round to see he had dozed off on the bed (with live football scores still in hand) I gently woke him and luckily he was feeling refreshed and ready for action!

We decided that as it was such a lovely day, we would take a walk up the Eiffel Tower, as one does when in Paris. The queue for the lift was too long so we decided to literally walk up the Eiffel Tower. Although it was tiring, I would really recommend it. We saw some wonderful sights and the atmosphere was great. We stopped at floor one to see an ice skating rink! I couldn’t believe it! After having a snack and watching the skaters, we ventured up to the second floor! This had some really amazing views and we spent time just watching the world go by.
The top was unfortunately closed, so this is as high as we reached. We were quite glad because we were starving by this point and my legs and arse were burning!



We took a stroll down by the river Seine and stopped there to munch on a rather large pizza. My feet were starting to hurt a little but I couldn’t admit that to Ed as I had persuaded him that my Dune boots would be the perfect sensible shoe for Paris- Oops!

After sneaking off to get some Compeed, we WALKED back to the room, to get ready to head further out and eventually stop for dinner.

We headed to visit the Moulin Rouge, which was by Montmarte, we needed to get the Metro there because it was too far to walk- Thank God!
In Montmarte we had to walk up more steps! These felt worse than the Eiffel Tower, but the views were most definitely worth it! We stopped off at Le Sabot Rouge to have a drink (and rest my feet) and then we visited the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, this was quite sweet because I remember visiting it on the school trip in year 10 where Ed claims to have fancied me (we held hands while wandering around the streets). Unfortunately, this wasn’t reciprocated at the time and I then had to spend a year of my life “chasing him”. We wondered inside and it was so peaceful! We lit a candle each and slowly paced around the beautifully designed building.


We then went for dinner, we picked the place that had a queue as we guessed they knew something we didn’t. They had a guy in there playing piano and we decided to try the French cuisine.
To start we had fried frogs legs and then as our main, we each had mussels- they do really big portions there and I have never been so full from mussels in all my life! They were fabulous though, the frogs legs were a bit like chicken but they were covered in garlic!


My outfit had done me proud, other than the slightly uncomfortable shoes (these shoes are normally really comfy but we had just walked 15k in a day)!
I’d opted for a cosy jumper (from Karen Millen, unfortunately is now sold out – similar here) that I’d been eyeing up for ages and eventually bagged in the Black Friday sale, my comfy jeans from Betty & Claude and my coat that I also bought in the Black Friday sales.



We had a wonderful day and after supper we were absolutely knackered. We headed back and enjoyed slipping into our bed and drifting into deep sleep!

Love Life,

Emma xxx



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  1. Enid Rowe
    10th January 2016 / 1:17 pm

    Love it Emma you are so good I love the denim jacket with your name

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